West Wind Bourbon

No nonsense, no story, just awesome unfiltered sourced bourbon, bottled in small quantities. West Wind Bourbon is a nine grain bourbon matured for over two years, and then glass rested for another three. It has a very high Rye content and is bottled at 110 proof. This release was originally owned by a private party. Due to unforeseen circumstances it found its way back into the bulk market. GRC Imports took possession of the 1688 bottles and is releasing it for general distribution. Because it is not filtered at all, the Bourbon might look like it has sediment in the bottle. This is intentional as we did not want to remove any of the flavor elements of the cask or Bourbon.

nose: flowers. citrus and oak with burnt sugar and apples.
palate: the rye and corn battle it out with notes of oak and roses, spicy from high proof.
finish: chocolate fudge, bit of cereal, and more roses.  very long and intense.

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